Work is well under way for our 2020 slate of MUN committees, which will be announced in the fall. Until then, please feel free to look over the QNMUN 2019 topics so as to get a sense of what our conference is like. QNMUN 2020 will once again have beginner, intermediate, and experienced committees for delegates of all levels of MUN familiarity, and a larger variety of committees will be offered so that more students can enjoy the QNMUN experience!

Beginner Level


Welcome delegates to the United Nations First Committee, also known as the Disarmament and International Security Committee. In this session, we will discuss important issues such as the impact and removal of landmines throughout the world and chemical weapon use, responses and consequences. Landmines have been used in war since the early 20th century and are incredibly dangerous as they are hard to remove and can kill on contact. Many countries still have long term problems ranging from economic to social due to landmines. Chemical weapons have been a problem since early history and have evolved deadly capacities. These weapons can cause long term diseases and kill hundreds. These issues are important to maintaining security and order in the world. As this is a beginner committee, please come ready to compromise, debate and learn!

DISEC Background Guide

Intermediate Level

Injustice League (Crisis)

With the Justice League making it near impossible for Supervillains to prosper, their only option is to join forces. Having recognized this, by gathering supervillains from all corners of the world and across the universe, Lex Luthor has formed the Injustice League. Overseeing this alliance is a council of some of earth's most fear villains, chaired by none other than Lex Luthor. Their goal is to ensure the Injustice league is successful in their criminal operation, but to do so they must make sure the Justice League does not discover them.

Injustice League Background Guide

Experienced Level

Canadian Federal Cabinet 2015 (SA)

In Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet (2015), delegates will be tasked with taking charge of the Canadian Government as Prime Minister Trudeau’s loyal and effective Ministers. With the first Liberal Majority Mandate since the turn of the century, delegates will have the power to transform Canada as they see fit. Prime Minister Trudeau’s goals are numerous and ambitious: economic development, international revival, environmental action, indigenous reconciliation, and governance reform will all provide unique challenges for delegates, who must balance the promises of the campaign, public opinion, and the wishes of their loyal Liberal supporters. In this modified Specialized Agency, delegates will have to grapple with the consequences of both their own actions and events in the always-turbulent outside world. Canadians voted for Real Change. Will Prime Minister Trudeau’s Cabinet be able to deliver?

Canadian Federal Cabinet Background Guide

Ad Hoc (Crisis)

Details on this committee will be given out on the first day of the conference. Be prepared for anything!